Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Panzer 88 - Horror movie due out in 2011

So I'm not normally one for Horror movies.  Actually I never see them as I think they are stupid.  This is probably due to my irrational fear of sharks, and that nothing really scares me as much as them.  Anyway, I just heard about this movie, Panzer 88, that is about a German Tank crew in the Russian north, that uncovers some evil entity.


 King Tiger vs. a Balrog....My money is on the fire deamon.  Should prove interesting though.

I've probably just been playing too much World of Tanks. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having fun with World of Tanks

So my spare time is going into a new game called World of Tanks.
Here are some images...

Trying out Arty...Didn't like it.

My best game to date, in the VK3002DB (Mercedes prototype that was rejected for the Panther)

See we arn't the only ones that pick on Josh.  Most of the enemy team pickin on him here.  (My burning wreck just in front of him.
American tech tree and costs