Wednesday, October 23, 2013

There and Back again...Part #4

Well to continue with the theme...This has truly been an "Unexpected Party" for me.   

A group of bearded heroes set forth on a quest, to reclaim what was rightfully theirs from a big red bird.

The next chapter of "There and back again"...


Far south of Boston's foggy cold   
To fandom meek and park of mold
We played the Rays from Tampa Bay
To seek World Series trophy gold.
The Sox fans down south made mighty yell,
While Ray fans countered with lame cow bell
Sox caused balls to leap, Rays went without a peep,
Boston moved on and could rest a spell.
Onto ancient team and coaching lord
Team of solid bat with ace pitching hoard
We battled and fought, looking good for Detroit
'Til Papi's bat spoke with thunderous word.
Far over Appalachian Mountains old
To city that weeps and stadium cold
We win the two of three, to the Sox fans glee.
To claim League Series stranglehold.
Goblets were full of Sam Adams Beer
Fenway was packed, roaring with mighty cheer 
Victorino's slam long, stirred many a song
Red Sox claimed Pennant for another year.
The Pirates were crying out in fright,
The Dodgers were moaning in the night.
The Bird was red, it's fandom spread;
From City which brews and drinks Bud Light.
Gritty team sent poor pitched balls to sail  
Solid pitching made former Sox bats flail;
The Cardinal’s ire more fierce than fire
Both Tinseltown and Steel City looked frail.
Old rivals again meet beneath the moon;
Cards swept in '04 wish to change that tune.
St. Lou shall learn to Fear the Beard
Once again Champs will be the Red Sox soon!
Far over Appalachian Mountains grim
Comes a Cards team who don't feel chances slim. 
Pitch count and double play, shall win the day,
And take World Series gold from them!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There and Back again...Part #3

Some more "There and Back again" mojo...

Far over Appalachian Mountains old
To city that weeps and stadium cold
win the third ere the break of day
To claim a Series stranglehold.

Fear the Beard....

Monday, October 7, 2013

There and Back again...Part #2

Well...continuing with the "There and Back again" theme for our Bearded Sox friends....(Part one can be found here)

Scene 2:  Tampa Bay bullpen during warmups.

Moore and Price are giving Cobb some advice on how to approach the Sox at the plate.

Cobb: Well, I could Roast them on the inside. That should finish them!

Moore: Nah, I tried that in Game One

Cobb: I could burn them with the High Heat...

Price:  Nope, Didn't work in game two...

Cobb:  Maybe I'll just nibble away at them...

 Buchholz sticks his head over the wall between bullpens 

Buchholz: Maybe you could just leave them standing at the Statues.


Moore:  ....*turns to stone*
Price:  ...*turns to stone*
Cobb: ...*turns to stone*

Buchholz: And that is how you Win a series boys.

Friday, October 4, 2013

There and Back again, Part #1: Bearded Red Sox...go on a Quest.

Been a few years since I've spoken of the Red Sox...

Last time I felt truly inspired and posted to the Sons of Sam Horn website was back during the 2007 World Series run (Lord of the Red Sox).

Now the team has once again taken up a quest...

To return to where they rightfully belong...

And with the Beards this team is showing...The symmetry was too much for me to stay away.

Time for the Sox to go "There and Back again..." (to win it all!)


Hit the ball and touch home plate!
  Catch their flies, and deny their base!
That's what Old Joe Maddon hates--
  Win three and End their playoff race!
Watch the count and swing a good bat!
  Bunt the runner over one base more!
Corners of plate and their batters get sat!
  Extra base hits and run up the score!
Kick that team back to Tampa Bay;
  Pound them good and leave your mark;
Make them sad and call them "Devil Rays"
  Remind them that this is Fenway Park!
That's what Old Joe Maddon Hates!
  So, carefully! carefully touch home plate!