Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whoa...missed a month.

I got to get better at keeping this thing updated. Been a while so what has Ranger Rob been up to.

I've got a couple of things on my workbench at the moment.

#1) Epic Eldar. A good friend of mine gave me an entire Epic Eldar army. I've been playing with Army builder and basing these tiny beauties. I was all excited to paint them up....when I realized I was out of primer. Do I spend $8 on a can of paint or $8 more dollars on the kids for christmas... Yeah, so the eldar got pushed to the side.

#2) Another Tac Marine Squad, and Dreadnaught for the Greenhouse Guardians. Doing quite a Mod job on the Dreadie. Using leftover parts from Leman Russes and a Land Raider to make this Dreadnaught a Quad Autocannon beast...lengthing the legs to make him taller. Might add some armor plates around the waist to give him an "Armored Kilt" look.

That's it for tabletop stuff...I'll post some pics of the dreadie when he is finished.

On the PC gaming front, pretty slow there. Been fooling around with a Free MMO called Atlantica.
I've been regularly checking the forums over at the Star Trek Online website. That game looks like it will be pretty sweet when it is released Winter 2009.

That's all for now... Hope you all had a great Turkey Day.

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Anonymous said...

Another month?

Need to see some pics soon...