Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whoa...missed a month.

I got to get better at keeping this thing updated. Been a while so what has Ranger Rob been up to.

I've got a couple of things on my workbench at the moment.

#1) Epic Eldar. A good friend of mine gave me an entire Epic Eldar army. I've been playing with Army builder and basing these tiny beauties. I was all excited to paint them up....when I realized I was out of primer. Do I spend $8 on a can of paint or $8 more dollars on the kids for christmas... Yeah, so the eldar got pushed to the side.

#2) Another Tac Marine Squad, and Dreadnaught for the Greenhouse Guardians. Doing quite a Mod job on the Dreadie. Using leftover parts from Leman Russes and a Land Raider to make this Dreadnaught a Quad Autocannon beast...lengthing the legs to make him taller. Might add some armor plates around the waist to give him an "Armored Kilt" look.

That's it for tabletop stuff...I'll post some pics of the dreadie when he is finished.

On the PC gaming front, pretty slow there. Been fooling around with a Free MMO called Atlantica.
I've been regularly checking the forums over at the Star Trek Online website. That game looks like it will be pretty sweet when it is released Winter 2009.

That's all for now... Hope you all had a great Turkey Day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Cap...


So I got this new Red Sox cap last year...

Pretty different, got a lot of comments on it...

Anyway, I started wearing it to work last year during the Sox playoff run...the run where they lost 3 in a row to Cleveland. So I wear it in the night the Sox are facing elimination to Cleveland. Barry, one of the guys that works in my building and has commented on my new cap, comes into my office with a piece of paper in his hand. He picks up my cap and throws it into one of the cabinets and closes the cabinet door. He then takes a piece of tape and tapes the paper he brought in to the door of the cabinet. It read...

Rob's Doomsday Cap
Not a "LUCKY" Cap!

We had a good laugh, and I left the hat in that cabinet that night...The sox Won that game, so the Cap stayed in the cabinet for the rest of the playoffs and Boston Won the World Series.

When the Sox made the playoffs this year, brought the cap in to work, put it in the same cabinet. The sign Barry had made was still hanging on the inside of the cabinet door (Musta put it there after I took the cap out last year.) Barry had a good laugh when he saw the sign, and checked for the cap.

About 10pm last night, The Sox are losing 5-0, Barry comes into my office, Opens the cabinet, takes out the cap and puts it on my head. He then says..."It's not working, we got to try something else." Then after giving up two more runs, the Sox manage to score 8 runs in 2 1/3 innings and win the game. Just happens to be the greatest comeback in a playoff game in the last 75 years.

Just had to share...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Sox down 3-1

Here we go again...Sox in an ALCS and have to play 3 must win games in a row.

Some of the Radio guys pointed out that the only guys on this team from '04 are Papi, Tek, Wake and Timlin...and they are all playing pretty bad.

I'm keeping the faith...DiceK going tonight, and he has never pitched bad in a HUGE game.

I joked that someone should Call Kevin Millar and get him to Fenway for another one of his speeches...in case he doesn't, we can use last years.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Painting Battletech again...

Hey Folks,

I had some spare time and when I went to paint up those new space marines...I noticed I was out of white spray primer. So I grabbed some older Battlemechs I had sitting on my "House Kurita" shelf that had been collecting dust for 3 years or so...




Monday, September 29, 2008

Wooden Crates...

So I saw this article a long time ago on the internet on how to make little wooden crates for terrain. Heck if I can find it again...but it was so simple I figured I would give it a shot.

To do this you will need...

* 1" or 3/4" wooden blocks from your local craft store.
* Wooden coffee stiring sticks
* Wood glue
* Light Oak colored touch up Wood Stain marker.
* Micron black ink pen.
* small Xacto saw (although a good pair of snippers would work too)

Step one - glue the coffee sticks to the wood blocks and trim. You only need to do 5 sides, the 6th side will be the one on the table.

Step two - glue "strapping" wood and trim.
Step three - with ink pen make 2 dots at end of each piece of wood (Nails)

Step four - Stain the whole thing with your marker and your done.

How do they look?

3/4" blocks

1" blocks

Figure these will work for 40K, WWII, Western, Pirate games.

Might put a set of these on EBAY to see what I can get for them.

Latest work from the Bullpen

2nd AoBR set is assembled except for the Dreadie.

For the Commander...
Lopped off the banner
Added the Skull and Iron Halo from the Terminator sgt.
added a Power Fist where the power sword was supposed to go.

For the Terminator Sgt.
lopped off the Skull and Iron halo.
added the large banner from the commander.
gave two of the reglar termies Cyclone launchers.

For the Tactical Sgt.
Lopped off the Chainsword and added a Power Fist to the Sgt.
Lopped off the head and added one of the old Beak helmets.

For the Heavy Weapon trooper...
Lopped off the missle launcher
added one of the very old Eldar Plasma Cannons (which looks quite a bit like the new marine plasma cannons.)
Added some bits to the backpack to cover up the missiles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greenhouse Guardians Space Marine Chapter

Founding of the Greenhouse Guardians Chapter of Space Marines.

Jed was a simple man from the hills. He had worked his whole life with the soil of Terra. He knew the secrets of growing the various forms of plant life indigenous to Terra. For generations his family was responsible for the care of the Emperor’s courtyard in the gargantuan Imperial Palace. The courtyard was an impressive display of the fauna of Terra, with at least one specimen of every form of plant-life that still existed in the immense courtyard.

Jed was the head grounds keeper in charge of the over one hundred keepers of the courtyard. Each species of plant had specific rules for their care. These rules which were kept in massive Tomes called The Rules of Fauna. The tomes and passed down from generation to generation and stored a small vault in the keepers housing hidden under the center of the courtyard.

When Horus Heresy came to Terra, the keepers continued to do their work. Throughout the shelling of the Imperial Palace, Jed kept his crew busy for the work in the courtyard was never done.

Kharn the Betrayer, paced impatiently on the teleport pad, waiting for the shields protecting the Imperial Palace to fall. He and his squad would be among the first in the palace and he knew would be the first to find combat. When the shields protecting the Palace fell, an instant later Kharn and his group of Berserkers were teleported to Terra.

Seeing only green plants and trees, Kharn screamed out in rage fearing he and his squad had been teleported to the wrong location and would miss the taking of the Palace entirely.

Jed heard the scream, and sensed many new beings in his courtyard. The throaty buzz of numerous chainswords revving up to speed, confirmed his senses. The Berserkers quickly began slashing through fauna and grounds keeper alike. Jed’s quick thinking at this time secured his legacy. Jed ordered all the keepers to leave the courtyard and flee to the Marine barracks in the palace gates. Doing this had three fold impact. First the blood thirsty Berserkers were lead away from the Rules of Fauna. Second, Jed knew if the loyalist marines found the berserkers in the courtyard a firefight would ensue and destroy much of the precious fauna. Finally, by leading the Berserkers to the barracks by the gate they were being led away from the throne room and the Emperor. Jed stayed behind and using the courtyard he had lived in for all his life to mask his presence used hit and run tactics to lure the few remaining Berserkers away from the hidden entrance to the keepers housing and more importantly from the Rules of Fauna.

The keepers were slaughtered to the man in the flight to the barracks. The last falling just as the first Loyalist Marines began shooting at the Berserkers. Jed was slain as well, shot in the back as he was sprinting out the main archway of the courtyard.

The deeds of Jed and the Keepers of the Rules of Fauna were overlooked during the aftermath of Horus Hersey. The death of Horus, the Emperor becoming entombed in the Golden Throne, the loyalist Space Marines counter offensive against the forces of Chaos had the historian attention and Jed’s tale was quickly forgotten.

It was a minor clerk in the Administratum that rediscovered what happened at the courtyard. The tale reached the High Lords of Terra and after much debate, a special founding of a single chapter of space marines was ordered to represent the deeds of Jed and the keepers of the courtyard that day. Geneseed was taken from just the Librarians every chapter of Loyal Space Marines, to honor the sacrifice made to keep the Rules of Fauna safe. Historians discovered that in ancient times those that did the same work as the keepers had temples called Greenhouses where they practiced their arts. With that discovery the space marine chapter of the Greenhouse Guardians were formed, with the motto “The Keepers of the Rules”.

The new 40k Boxed set has come out, with a bunch of well made plastic minis. Josh, one of the owners of the Greenhouse has asked me to paint up the space marines from his demo box to display in the store window. I could have done one of the well known chapters of space marines, but when I was looking over the minis, I noticed how much the upward pointing arrow on the shoulderpads of the Marines looked like a monopoly house. I had to make a background story and create a space marine chapter for the store (There is over 100 chapters with only about 30 having been officially named) Here are some images of the finished minis...

The Captain
Photobucket Image Hosting

The Terminators
Photobucket Image Hosting

The Dreadnaught
Photobucket Image Hosting

The Marine squad
Photobucket Image Hosting

Good pic of the "Greenhouse" shoulderpad
Photobucket Image Hosting

The whole group...
Photobucket Image Hosting

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mike Richter...Hall of Fame!

In the 90's I was a Hockey NUT. I spent one year up at Orono and after watching numerous games in person, I was hooked. I didn't really have any loyalty to the Boston Bruins, and when the NY Rangers kept drafting UMaine Players, I became a fan. Part of the reason my online nickname is Rangerrob is my being a NY Rangers Fan.

Today the US Hockey Hall of Fame announced the 2008 members. Brett Hull, was pretty freakin good. Brian Leetch was another key member of the NY Rangers when they were a powerhouse. But the name that stands out for me is Mike Richter, Goaltender for the NY Rangers. He is the reason the Rangers won the cup in '94. There was one play in the finals, Pavel Bure's penalty shot that you could just tell...if he scored, the Canucks would take the series, if he didn't the Rangers would win. Needless to say Richter stopped the shot, and the only time I felt like that since then was when Roberts stole second.

Richter is the reason the US won the Hockey world Cup in '96. He was the starting Goalie for the US in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake when they brought home the silver...and no one was beating Canada that year.

Anyway here are a couple more Mike Richter clips...enjoy.

Congrat Mike!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Latest Work in the Bullpen

So I have been busy on half a dozen projects...No really, here they are.

Repainting all my Warlocks and my Farseer. They were all painted in different colored robes when I got them. I'm trying to give the army a uniform look.

The Farseer of mine never hit the table in 4th edition because of the instant death from failing a Psychic power roll, so I always took Eldrad whose toughness 4 let him take only 1 wound. 5th Edition lets the farseer get a save and take only 1 wound, so I get to use my generic Farseer again. Photobucket

Troops are a must have in 5th edition 40k, I have a ton of guardians, but not too many Dire Avengers. I stripped some of my very old Guardians that had the "Dire Avenger" spartan helmets, and I'm painting them up as Dire Avengers. One of them is actually a Dire Avengers Exarch, but they all could pass for an Exarch. So If I ever have enough basic Avengers figs, I could field 6 squads...

Also stripped and repositioned my second Wraithlord. Bent the arms out to give him a more agressive pose, and used some greenstuff to give him his second weapon that they could carry with the latest Eldar Codex.

Also made up some Battletech scale buildings, using scrap plastic I had on my workbench. Some are from Flames of War blisters. The "Power Generator" / Tower is the heating element from a dead hair dryer.

Finally, three projects on my other workbench... Just finished up my "Plexiglass" river. Those are the blue pieces on the table. I will be making a "How To..." entry on www.greenhousegamesonline.com that explains how to make this simple and effective river terrain. Next is the Powerstation, the grey terrain piece with the smoke stacks, used a CD bundle case, fan from the hair dryer mentioned above, container that holds staples for a copy machine, and the plastic that held the cookies from a girlscout cookie box. The box of wood pieces is my starting some Trenches from a article over at Bell of Lost Souls: http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/07/terrain-workshop-trenches-and.html Photobucket

Finally, one of the Eldar Dire Avengers that I am painting up does not have a helmet. When I went to get get some flesh paint, way too much came out. So I grabbed five of the Ogryns from my Imperial Guard army. Also seen here are some Epic Eldar Knights and an Old 40K Eldar Ghost Warrior I plan on using as WraithGuard.

More to come...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for the Memories, Manny.


Ok, Manny just got traded to the Dodgers. Guess the Front office finally had enough with his antics. Sox REALLY gave up a lot to get Manny out of town.

Cost to Boston...
Paying the rest of Manny's contract this year, 7Mill...
Brandon Moss, a good outfielder...
Craig Hansen, Reliever that has a mid 90's fastball that couldn't get his stuff together in Boston.

Boston Gets...
Jason Bay. NL Rookie of the Year in 04. Has hit 22 homers this year. At least he is signed through next year. Looks like a righthanded JD Drew with a little more power.

Really think this is addition by subtraction. AL teams across the land are dancing knowing the modern day Marris and Mantle just got split up.

Thanks for the two world series Manny, I'll miss yah.

Now I have to explain to my Daughter why one of her favorite players isn't a Red Sox any more. :(


Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Greenhouse Games website

So about 3 years ago I took an online HTML class while working toward my bachelors degree. Learned the basics and that is about it. Today I put those basic skills to use and built my second website. The first was a little something I put together for Brian, My father-in-law, when he was running for the State House seat in Yarmouth.
I know the owners of a small tabeltop game store in Garniner, and one of them asked if I could build them a webpage. Here it is...


It needs some work, I plan on adding more links and pics in the future.

more later,
Webmaster Rob

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Bullpen Upgrade...

When I built my gaming table close to ten years ago, I had a plan. It was a simple 6' x 4' table, standard size for most Games Workshop games. The plan was to build a second table exactly the same, so they could be placed side by side for an 8' by 6' gaming space.

Well I had a little bit of time over the last couple weeks, and some birthday cash that needed to be spent. One trip to Home Depot later I had all the supplies I needed to Clone my original table. Here are some pics of the tables put together.




I was unable to locate the "outside carpeting" that I used to cover my first table so I'm using an old roll of model train paper turf for now. Plan is to buy some new covering for both tables so they match.

Not the best pics in the world. I added my two Warhammer 40K armies to help show the size. Yeah I have a LOT of painting to do.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I like Warhammer 40K...

Ok, been a little busy, mostly with the birth of my Son, Max. Partially with the constuction of another gaming table for the bullpen...pic to come soon.

But this post is about Warhammer 40K. It is one of the tabletop games I play. Science fiction game where armies of 50 to 100+ battle. Each game takes a 2-4 hours to play. Many different races and armies to chose from. My army of Choice is the Eldar (space elves). Ancient, mysterious, powerful, but fragile. Well THQ is coming out with another computer game base on Warhammer 40k...usually these games focus on the Space Marines (men) or the Orks. But in the newest trailer the Eldar show up...just had to share.

Dawn of War II trailer

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Papelbon and Manny (the other one)...FTW!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rob's Wargaming background.

I've hinted at my love for tabletop games, but have yet to really write anything about them. I figure it is about time I get started.

My wargaming experience started in the early 80's at Larsen's hobby store in Waterville, Maine. I was a young kid and Mom brought me into the store to get some minis to use while playing D&D. There was a group of guys playing some kind of game on a huge table covered with minis. Believe it was house rule system called Hack and Slash, about as simple a game as there was. Rather than leaving the store with just a couple of minis, I left with about 20 dwarves and a war elephant.

My wargaming is probably 25% Historical, 25% Fantasy and 50% Sci-Fi. My first “wargame” that I bought was 6th Fleet in the late 80’s, think I bought it shortly after I saw Top Gun. It was a "Modern" navy game set in the Mediterranean about 1985 and played using counters. I went through the AD&D phase but got off before 2nd edition, the “Magic” phase, the Board game phase, The anything but Magic Card game phase, etc…

The conventions up at Hinkley were the first that I remember going to. There I met the group a guys, and a couple of life long friends Joel and Josh. I also have been to a few conventions at USM and UMF, playing Wes Decamos’ WWII naval ship game whenever possible. Really fun game using Model WWII ships on a gym floor, and you have to guess ranges to shoot the other ships. I’ve made the trip to Historicon in Pennsylvania a couple of times, with Joel and Josh, and had a really great time.
Currently, I’m a game rep for Catalyst Game Labs. What does that mean? I run official Battletech Events for them. Probably the work I was most proud of was the once a month Carver V Battletech Campaign I had going down at the Greenhouse. But that is a story for another day.

Real life has curtailed my gaming as of late and I am lucky to get one game in every couple of months. So most of my time is spent surfing forums of various games, watching for after action reports. I am working on another Battletech Campaign, Painting my Warhammer 40K Eldar and looking at those old Warhammer Quest boxes that are collecting dust in the bullpen.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Added Online Comics

Took a little time today and added a list of my favorite Online comic strips.

These are comics that I have discovered over the years. Most of them have something to do with gaming. Wanted to have one place that had the links, never knowing what computer I will be using any given day.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The nWo

Yeah, so what is the deal with the nWo theme music? Let me start out by saying I know wrestling is fake. I no longer watch wrestling and it has probably been 8 years since I felt I had to tune in every monday night. I guess I was always more interested in the prematch taunting/speaches. Wrestling has been called a soap opera for men. I always thought of it as a stage production with stuntmen. I mean these guys and gals have to remember their lines or adlib, usually to a live audience. Then do a pretty intense acrobatic sequence without actually hurting the other guy or gal.

Anyway, My favorite "wrestler" was Kevin Nash. Really big guy, mostly a bad guy throughout his career. He made a name for himself as "Diesel" in the WWF during the early 90's, even getting to be WWF champion for a year. Anyway his contract with the WWF was up and he and his good friend Scott Hall signed new contracts with rival orginization WCW. So on Monday night Scott Hall shows up on WCW, pretending to be coming over from the WWF starting an invasion/War between the two main Wrestling shows. Kevin Nash shows up two weeks later and they challenge the WCW to bring their best three guys to the next big Pay Per View event. Hall and Nash kept their third guy a secret and even fought most of the match two on three. The following video is the end of that match and shows the forming of the nWo (New World Order) and kicked off the greatest storyline in the history of wrestling.

So that doesn't really explain why the nWo theme is the first song listed. Well, I couldn't really really choose one song or band to have the top spot, so I thought the first song should be "Entry" music, like a wrestler coming to the ring, or a closer coming out of the bullpen to close the game in the 9th. I almost went with "Walk" by Pantera...Which would have been my entry music If I had the arm and talent to be a big league closer. No song on this list gets me an instant adrenaline rush like "Walk" does, I know not a good title for a relief pitcher. Anyway, rambling, back to the story. I was thinking entry music for the top spot and there was only one entry song that could be considered. The one that when I heard I knew I was going to be entertained.

nWo, 4 life.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ranger Rob Radio....

Hey Folks,

I have done the last major addition to the IMEEM Ranger Rob Radio station. Sure I will tweek it here and there...but it is done for the most part. I recommend opening it in a standalone player, for some reason about half the songs only play a 30 second preview clip if you play it here on this page, but in stand alone all the songs play fully. I strongly suggest shuffle play to get the best effect, and the NWO theme song is a story for another day...but it is first for a reason.

Little bit about my taste in music. Many of you will say I have none, which is fine to each their own. For the most part I would label my favorite music style as "Hard Rock / Heavy Metal". My first concert was Sting in 1987 I think. Not exactly Hard rock, but I made it to plenty of "Hair band" concerts down at OOB or the Civic Center.

I stopped listening to music for a while when the Seattle music scene took off. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were not my cup of tea, I tried, but just could not get into them. I was already into Seattle bands, namely Queensryche and Jimmy Hendrix, so I was a little miffed by being sold the "NEW" music scene when I had been listening to it for years already. Then Sports talk radio hit the airwaves and that was the nail in the coffin, for music for me. I can't remember the last album I bought for myself.

The last couple of years I have started listening again. I have come around to some of the Seattle music of the 90's. Evansence is probably the only "newer" band that I would pay money to see in concert. I get chills listening to Amy Lee from Evansence sing. Vocals are the most important aspect of what I am drawn to for music that I like. Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, all are amazing singers who have incredible range.

So what were the requirements to make the cut to Ranger Rob Radio? To take the science out of it...I had to like the band and the song. So I am all over the place with my music, From Judas Priest to Johnny Cash to the Police to The Dropkick Murphys.

All of this is to say...If yah want tunes while reading the site, the option is there for yah.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Bullpen...ok Basement.

A big part of my life has been tabletop games. I'll roll dice with just about anyone playing just about anything. Over the years I have collected quite a few games, minatures and rule sets. Eventually I built myself a little place in the basement to play these games, with a 4' x 6' self built table. Here are some pics of the Gamers Bullpen.

The Bullpen...I have a few of boards that I can slap on top of the table to represent different terrain (Black for space games, Blue for Naval games, Tan for desert games...)
The Gameroom

Here is the primary mini storage place...Warhammer 40k stuff straight ahead, Battletech in the "fish" rack to the right.

Pic of my primary Eldar force...yeah each of the shelves slide out making the cabinet awesome for holding minis.
Eldar #1

My latest finished minis...lots more unpainted stuff to get to.

That is all for now...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Foxes of UMA

I love spring. One of the few advantages of working security at a university is the first few hot days of spring. The winter coats are shed and you can see many shapely forms walking around campus. I was able to take a picture of some of these heavenly vixens crossing the Quad. Now before you folks get upset, Yes I am quite happily married. In fact, my wife has seen the pics and thinks that they are “Cute”. Just had to share…


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lord of the Red Sox 14, The Battle of Jacobs Field

OK...Stop right there...If you want to read "The Lord of the Red Sox" from the beginning, click over on "April" to the right...then select the first Lord of the Red Sox...otherwise you will be reading them backwards. Ok back to the story...

The Sox are down 2 games to 1 against Cleveland with Wakefield taking the mound. I had not done a Lord of the Red Sox post since Game 1 of the ALDS. Feeling the pressure I figured it couldn't hurt...well the Sox lost this one too, falling behind three games to one. The rest is history... But this was the last of the Lord of the Red Sox posts.

"The Lord of the Red Sox" mojo presents…

The Battle of Jabobs Field

Scene: The Sox arrive at Jacobs Field down two games to one. They need a victory to avoid a very difficult situation.

Lowell, BigPapi, Lugo and Mirabelli step from the dugout to do some pre-game stretching.

The Indians are in front of their dugout, and Sizemore notices the four Sox players.
Sizemore: (to Hafner and Lofton) Hey watch this.

Sizemore: Come out and Play. You will never see Fenway again this year.

Lugo: Be assured the Halls of Fenway will sound again with the roar of the Nation.

BigPapi: (to Lowell) They don’t know who is pitching for us tonight do they?

Lowell: (Smirks, and turns to the dugout) You ready?

King of the Knuckle: (Steps on to the field) We Will WIN!

Sizemore: Oh Crap…

King of the Knuckle: (Takes the mound and is totally unhitable by any of the Indians batters for 8 strong innings.)

Papelbon: (Closes out the Ninth) Have fun with Beckett in the next game boys…oh yeah and See Yah in Fenway!

Lord of the Red Sox 13, The One Ring

So the playoffs were starting and I was running out of material. Ellsbury got cast as Galadriel, mostly due to the man-crush everyone in New England had on him.

Short entry, playing off the intro from the Lord of the Rings.

"The One Ring"

Ellsbury: It began with the forging of the Great Rings, awarded for Championships of years past.
Colorado seeks their first great ring and has never knows its power.
One has been given to Anaheim, Arizona and Philly, all who long to return to their once attained glory.
Two were given to the Cubs and Cleveland, a time very long ago and mostly forgotten.
Six were given to the Red Sox of Boston with the most recent awarded for the greatest comeback in the history of sport.
And Twenty-six, Twenty-six were gifted to the Yankees of New York, who spend above all others in their attempts to obtain the ring.

For within these rings is bound the glory and deeds of that season. But the value of those rings lessened, for a new ring has been made. In the grand halls of Cooperstown, the Dark Lord Selig forged a 2007 World Series Ring, whose value is beyond all others. For baseball fans honor the bearer of the current Ring. One Ring to rule them all. One by one, the teams of Major League Baseball fell to the power of the ring. But there are eight who remain, victory is near, the Great ring is within their grasp. The power of the ring has a will of its own. It betrays teams to their doom, and rewards fans of the faithful. With just eleven victories, the ring will ensnare a new bearer. The time is now Red Sox Nation, arise players of Boston, Arise and...

Lord of the Red Sox 12, A Red Sox Day

So the Sox had won homefield throughout the playoffs, and this was the last post of the regular season. This was more of a kickoff posting for the playoffs and a farewell to the other members of the sandbox. So I said to heck with the tiny pics. After this game the Sons of Sam Horn guys decided they were keeping the sandbox open for the playoffs.

Well gang, it has been a blast. This is the last game thread of the regular season for the Lurkers.

This game is....how can I say this...meaningless. We have gotten everything we asked for out of the regular season from the Red Sox. Best record, homefield throughout, AL victory in the All-Star game. On top of that everyone seems to be getting hot at the same time. Things look really good.

Not much to post about for this game, except maybe some of your favorite memories from the regular season.

I have enjoyed making my "Lord of the Red Sox" mojo posts, and I apologize to those with Dial-up. I agree with most of you that yesterdays was the best one, and impossible to beat. I wish we could continue through the playoffs...but it is what it is. So without further delay...

"The Lord of the Red Sox" mojo presents...

"A Red Sox Day!"

Scene: Red Sox Dugout, just before the start of game 1 of the ALDS

Schilling: Red Sox Nation prepare for battle! Beckett. You get the ball in game one. DiceK, You take Game Two. I'll take game three in Anaheim. The rest of you, Defense will rule the playoffs! Arise! Arise, Players of Boston! Opposing players shall be shaken, bats shall be splintered! A Pitching day... a Red Sox day... ere the sun rises!

[Schilling runs past the players, hitting their gloves with his fist as he goes]
Schilling: Play now!... Play now!... Play! Play to Victory and the World Series!

[Schilling puts on his ballcap and turns to face the Angels dugout]
Schilling: Win!
Red Sox: [echoing] Win!

Schilling: Win!
Red Sox: [echoing] Win!

Schilling: WIN!
Red Sox: WIN!
(Sox take the field for game 1 of the ALDS, with the support of all of Red Sox Nation)