Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for the Memories, Manny.


Ok, Manny just got traded to the Dodgers. Guess the Front office finally had enough with his antics. Sox REALLY gave up a lot to get Manny out of town.

Cost to Boston...
Paying the rest of Manny's contract this year, 7Mill...
Brandon Moss, a good outfielder...
Craig Hansen, Reliever that has a mid 90's fastball that couldn't get his stuff together in Boston.

Boston Gets...
Jason Bay. NL Rookie of the Year in 04. Has hit 22 homers this year. At least he is signed through next year. Looks like a righthanded JD Drew with a little more power.

Really think this is addition by subtraction. AL teams across the land are dancing knowing the modern day Marris and Mantle just got split up.

Thanks for the two world series Manny, I'll miss yah.

Now I have to explain to my Daughter why one of her favorite players isn't a Red Sox any more. :(


Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Greenhouse Games website

So about 3 years ago I took an online HTML class while working toward my bachelors degree. Learned the basics and that is about it. Today I put those basic skills to use and built my second website. The first was a little something I put together for Brian, My father-in-law, when he was running for the State House seat in Yarmouth.
I know the owners of a small tabeltop game store in Garniner, and one of them asked if I could build them a webpage. Here it is...

It needs some work, I plan on adding more links and pics in the future.

more later,
Webmaster Rob

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Bullpen Upgrade...

When I built my gaming table close to ten years ago, I had a plan. It was a simple 6' x 4' table, standard size for most Games Workshop games. The plan was to build a second table exactly the same, so they could be placed side by side for an 8' by 6' gaming space.

Well I had a little bit of time over the last couple weeks, and some birthday cash that needed to be spent. One trip to Home Depot later I had all the supplies I needed to Clone my original table. Here are some pics of the tables put together.




I was unable to locate the "outside carpeting" that I used to cover my first table so I'm using an old roll of model train paper turf for now. Plan is to buy some new covering for both tables so they match.

Not the best pics in the world. I added my two Warhammer 40K armies to help show the size. Yeah I have a LOT of painting to do.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I like Warhammer 40K...

Ok, been a little busy, mostly with the birth of my Son, Max. Partially with the constuction of another gaming table for the bullpen...pic to come soon.

But this post is about Warhammer 40K. It is one of the tabletop games I play. Science fiction game where armies of 50 to 100+ battle. Each game takes a 2-4 hours to play. Many different races and armies to chose from. My army of Choice is the Eldar (space elves). Ancient, mysterious, powerful, but fragile. Well THQ is coming out with another computer game base on Warhammer 40k...usually these games focus on the Space Marines (men) or the Orks. But in the newest trailer the Eldar show up...just had to share.

Dawn of War II trailer