Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Legendary Update...

Found some neat stuff about the upcoming Legendary Expansion : Fantastic Four.  (release date 10/22/13)

Turns out the Two Masterminds in the deck are Galactus and Mole Man....

The 20 fight is impressive...but you can counter that with the Cosmic Threat which lets you pick a hero color and for every card of that color you play this turn, Galactus strength drops by 2.  So when building your hand during the game focusing on a color will be very important vs. Galactus.  

Also Silver Surfer has a new ability called Focus.
Guess that if you reach the "6" recruit that kicks off the "Focus" ability.  Betting you do not get to use the recruit at that point...but we shall see.

Have a great day all...

Monday, September 9, 2013

New House and Game updates.

  So some of you know we are upgrading our home.  Taking the 25 year old doublewide off the full foundation and putting up a two story colonial modular home. A new "Hat" as it were for the Gamers Bullpen.  Here are the Floorplans...needless to say we are very excited and hope to be in our new home by Thanksgiving.

Our foundation is actually 52' so we took these plans and added 8' to each side in various places (Larger bedrooms pretty much.)  There is actually a little addition on to these plans as well, we have a small 12' x 12' room where the mudroom / bullpen stairway used to be. There will be an archway from the dining room to this new "Sun room".  Anyway...Bullpen access will now be in the center of the house.

  On to the Game updates.

  • Dreadball Season 3 stuff should be here "Soon" hopefully before the end of the month.
  • Kingdom Death: Monster has been pushed back to Q1 2014 at least.  I have no issues with this...it is a huge game...New price on the Box will be between $150 and $200, glad I dropped the $100 on the kickstarter.  Still thinking about Magnetizing the whole game, making the players minis upgradeable as they upgrade their characters in the game....we shall see though.  Rated R game...not one for the kiddos.
  • Legendary Fantastic Four is due out in October...looking forward to that.  Got to play 3 games this past weekend of Legendary with 5 players...only won one of the games.  Still good times were had.
  • Played a round of Robinson Crusoe with the kids...unlike Legendary...the ages 12+ suggestion on the box is there for a reason...will be a couple of years before I break this one out again with my 9 year old daughter....much longer for my 5 year old son.
  • Forbidden Island is still a hit with the kids.  Glad I grabbed this one...
  • Warhammer 40K on the backburner...boxed up and packed away until the new house is finished.
  • Same with Battletech / Alpha Strike...
  • October 19th I'll be bringing both Legendary and Robinson Crusoe to the Boardgame geek meetup in Brunswick.  http://mainegamer.tumblr.com/post/18390343950/3rd-annual-northern-new-england-bgg-user-meet-up  
One final note...Though I signed up to be an assistant coach...I'm now the head coach of my Sons soccer / Bunchball team.  Should be fun times.

That is all for now.