Monday, January 7, 2013

Kingdom Death: Monster...

Jumped in on another Kickstarter project.  Yep, I am surfing the wave that is Kickstarter popularity right now.  Anyway...this Boardgame project (Kingdom Death: Monster) will not actually hit store shelves until Novemeber 2013, but the idea and gameplay looked too interesting to pass up.

Here is a video that goes over the basic premise of the game:

Here is a video going over the combat portion of the game...

And a video that goes over the other aspects of the game...

Love the look of the minis, how the game will play and that the group will be sitting around the table working together rather than against one another.  As a mini painter / modder, I look forward to the challenge this game will present.

I ended up bidding enough in the Kickstarter to get the base game and the Dragon king expansion.  I'm sure if it takes off with the group, I'll get more expansions later.  Convincing the Wife to play will also be a challenge...but a worthy one.

That is all for now...

Add on...Found a really neat article about painting fleshtones over on BOLS...(putting it here so I don't lose it when I actually get the minis this winter.)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two years away...what have I been doing.

Well to be honest working on my other Game specific blogs.  I wanted to keep the Chocolate out of the peanut butter as it were, and keep things more organized than they would be here in one Blog.

In case you missed are the other Blogs...

Current Project...Dreadball.

Wrapping up a Tukayyid Battletech campaign.

Ran a very fun Solaris VII Battletech Campaign.

Computer game wise...playing World of Tanks, Star Trek Online.  Tried Mechwarrior Online, but it made me motion sick.  Played through Diablo III once...was good.  Waiting on Marvel Heroes, Mechwarrior Tactics, and Neverwinter currently

That's all for now.  I'll attempt to post more often.