Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just another reason John Elway is the greatest football player...ever.

I know it is the "slow" time of year for football. Never really talk much football, much more into Baseball. My favorite football player of all time is John Elway. In my opinion the greatest football player to ever play the game. He carried 3 teams to superbowls with a group of wide receivers that would barely make other clubs, only to lose the big game. Then when he finally got some help in the form of a running game, he goes on to win two. His receivers came up with a term called the "Elway Cross"'s what they called the little cross shaped bruise the football left on them when Elway zipped a pass to them.

Anyway, I saw this article and had to share.

Years after retiring, he is still the man.


Fab said...

Good story.

Greatest ever? That's the Orange Crush talking...

The Fabs said...

He's not bad at golf, either. I saw him play back home in the mid-90s at a Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament. I'll have to dig those pictures out sometime & show you.