Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something Funny happened at work...

Funny thing just happened at work. Most of you know I work Security at a University. Well, I'm doin my job, driving around campus and I see this guy, whom I'll refer to as Skatepunk from this point forth, on a skateboard. Skatepunk doesn't have on a helmet / pads or even a shirt. To make things even more interesting he is being pulled through the parking lot by an SUV going about 30 miles an hour.

The Driver, aka DriverDude, of the SUV sees me, and rather than stopping, drives off campus with the Skatepunk in tow. They pull into a parking lot of a business just across the street from the University. So I park the car in a position I can watch them to make sure they don't come back on campus. I got Boston Sports talk radio and a new Dunkin Donuts Large coffee cream only, I'm good for a nice long wait. After about 15 minutes, Skatepunk and DriverDude walk away from the car with the skateboard and walk into the Civic Center parking lot to "Skate". After another 10 minutes, "Artsy Granola girl who was in the SUV and doesn't want to get into trouble" starts up the SUV and drives back on campus. I've seen ArtsyGirl before, she is an art student on campus and a good kid. DriverDude and Skatepunk see her drive off and give a "Where the heck are you goin?" look with palms up. I stay where I am and watch, slowly Skatepunk and DriverDude walk back onto campus at which point I approach them. I only catch up to DriverDude as Skatepunk has decided to walk fast and keeps walking as I start talking to DriverDude who is carrying the skateboard. I explain to DriverDude that I appreciate the exuberance of youth and but there is No skateboarding on Campus especially behind SUV's going about 30 miles an hour. If your friend wants to get himself killed, that is fine with me, just don't do it on campus...too much paperwork. Ok I didn't say that last part...but I really wanted to. DriverDude is like "Oh, OK...can I carry my skateboard?" I tell him yes and let him go on his way.

I drive over to the parking lot I originally saw the Skateboard/SUV event and see the SUV with ArtsyGirl in it. I see Skatepunk and DriverDude walk toward the SUV, skateboard in hand, and they are join by "PoorBastard" who looks like he just got out of class. They stand around and talk for a bit. Skatepunk climbs on top of the SUV looks around, hops back down. ArtsyGirl, walks towards a building with books in hand, probably going to class.

PoorBastard climbs into a MiniVan, DriverDude and Skatepunk hop into the back seat. PoorBastard drives off, only Skatepunk decides that he wants to be different and fight they system by leaving his passenger door open as they are driving though the parking lot. Yeah, I don't got to follow the rules...yeah, I'm young a full of angst.

So I start up my vehicle and follow them to make sure Skatepunk doesn't jumpout at speed to do some more surfskating, ala Marty McFly. They leave campus and get to big 4 way intersection on the main roadway, door still open. I pull into the last parkinglot on campus to watch them and make sure they leave for good. PoorBastard drives through the intersection, up a hill, and past motorcycle police officer that is just off the side of the road, with the door still open. They get pulled over, and I have a good chuckle that is too good not to share.

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