Wednesday, January 5, 2011

World of Tanks, Racing game

Form up a platoon and have some fun.

Official Rules.

1) Three Racing classes. T3, T5 and Unlimited. This is the highest tier vehicle you will be allowed to take. Most of the races are T3.

2) Race is Counter-Clockwise around the map.

3) Race takes the longest possible "Roadway" around the map that goes through the enemy base. (Edit: Maps and Racing courses below)

4) Stay on the road, if you have to pass, pass on the roadway or on the outside.

5) No shooting your fellow racers. If there are racers on the other team, chances are you will not see them, as you are both supposed to be racing counter clockwise. If you do see them, treat them just like in any other match (Do I shoot the fellow Gang member or the other guy?).

6) Race is Two and a half laps. Meaning twice around the map and back to the opponents flag. First one into the opponents cap area is the winner. If your still alive at that point try to win the match for your team.

7) If no one makes it the 2.5 laps, it is the racer that makes it the furthest.

8) No Bump drafting. Try not to run into your fellow racers. Chances are you will damage your own tracks anyway.

9) Stopping to let others go first, or engaging the enemy are all valid tactics in the race. So long as you get back on the course where you left it.

Now for the Race courses...

Abbey:  Pretty straight forward track that goes right through the enemy base.

Cliff: You will have to leave the roadway to pass around the Enemy Flag on each lap.

El'Hallouf: Only map that really doesn't fit the race, so it becomes a cannonball run with checkpoints.  You only need to loop around the enemy flag and your own to complete a "Lap".  Take any path you choose.

Ensk:  Southwest section is a free for all, take what ever path you choose so long as you get around Flag II.  Northeast be sure to take the right turn and the longer road into the small courtyard (Where arty usually hides)

Erlenberg: Short track!  Take the roadway closest to the river to complete a lap.  Be sure to go around the base flags.  Should a bridge become blocked, racers may continue the race, with a much shorter circuit using the middle bridge.  Should two bridges become blocked...Race winner is who ever touches the tank the blocked the 2nd bridge first.
(Why not the long way?  Well usually the racer 's run right into the teeth of the enemy's defense going counter clockwise around the longer path, so this makes for a better race.)

Hills: Over the island with the radio tower on it, and around the raised area in the south west corner of the map. Other than that..simple map.  Watchout for the rock hiding in the bush as you exit radio tower island.

Himmelsdorf: Three buildings act as markers for the path on the west side railyard.  Once you round the southern most, you are free to tak any path you want to Flag II.  You may take either path up the Hill in the South East part of the map.

Kareila: You must go around the outermost rocks/ boulders for the north west part of the race.

Komarin: Simply follow the road on this one.  If one of the outer bridges becomes blocked, new route is through the middle.  Should two bridges become blocked, Winner is the 1st tank to touch the tank that blocked the 2nd bridge.


Lakeville: Take any path you wish through the valley of death (west side).
East side follow the outermost highroad.

Malinkova (Camperkova): Pretty straight forward.  Shortcut allowed near Flag I.  You can take the road by the buildings at a much greater risk, or take the long way about the windwill.  No cutting through town, you got to go to the top of the hill in the North East.

Morovanka: Follow the road, Leave the road in the North east to loop around Flag I and pick it back up along the Northern edge.

Prohorovka: From Flag II, over the tracks and up the hill.  Once down the hill, Choice of following the road or crosscountry to the railroad crossing.  The rest is on the road.

Ruinberg: Outermost paved road.  Gets a little tricky on the south side near Flag II.  Once past the last building in the South east you can cross country to the N/S roadway along the east part of the map.

Sand River: Short track that will be tough to complete the 2.5 laps on.  Follow the roadways, until you have to loop around behind the enemy bases, then back on the roadway.

That's it.  Hope to see yah out there.

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