Friday, May 30, 2008

Ranger Rob Radio....

Hey Folks,

I have done the last major addition to the IMEEM Ranger Rob Radio station. Sure I will tweek it here and there...but it is done for the most part. I recommend opening it in a standalone player, for some reason about half the songs only play a 30 second preview clip if you play it here on this page, but in stand alone all the songs play fully. I strongly suggest shuffle play to get the best effect, and the NWO theme song is a story for another day...but it is first for a reason.

Little bit about my taste in music. Many of you will say I have none, which is fine to each their own. For the most part I would label my favorite music style as "Hard Rock / Heavy Metal". My first concert was Sting in 1987 I think. Not exactly Hard rock, but I made it to plenty of "Hair band" concerts down at OOB or the Civic Center.

I stopped listening to music for a while when the Seattle music scene took off. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were not my cup of tea, I tried, but just could not get into them. I was already into Seattle bands, namely Queensryche and Jimmy Hendrix, so I was a little miffed by being sold the "NEW" music scene when I had been listening to it for years already. Then Sports talk radio hit the airwaves and that was the nail in the coffin, for music for me. I can't remember the last album I bought for myself.

The last couple of years I have started listening again. I have come around to some of the Seattle music of the 90's. Evansence is probably the only "newer" band that I would pay money to see in concert. I get chills listening to Amy Lee from Evansence sing. Vocals are the most important aspect of what I am drawn to for music that I like. Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, all are amazing singers who have incredible range.

So what were the requirements to make the cut to Ranger Rob Radio? To take the science out of it...I had to like the band and the song. So I am all over the place with my music, From Judas Priest to Johnny Cash to the Police to The Dropkick Murphys.

All of this is to say...If yah want tunes while reading the site, the option is there for yah.


Anonymous said...

Diggin' the NWO theme...

Can you find the Road Dog's theme music?


Ranger Rob said...

I'll take a look for the Road Dogs music.