Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I like Warhammer 40K...

Ok, been a little busy, mostly with the birth of my Son, Max. Partially with the constuction of another gaming table for the bullpen...pic to come soon.

But this post is about Warhammer 40K. It is one of the tabletop games I play. Science fiction game where armies of 50 to 100+ battle. Each game takes a 2-4 hours to play. Many different races and armies to chose from. My army of Choice is the Eldar (space elves). Ancient, mysterious, powerful, but fragile. Well THQ is coming out with another computer game base on Warhammer 40k...usually these games focus on the Space Marines (men) or the Orks. But in the newest trailer the Eldar show up...just had to share.

Dawn of War II trailer

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Anonymous said...

OK, I don't play the game, but that was pretty freakin' cool.