Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for the Memories, Manny.


Ok, Manny just got traded to the Dodgers. Guess the Front office finally had enough with his antics. Sox REALLY gave up a lot to get Manny out of town.

Cost to Boston...
Paying the rest of Manny's contract this year, 7Mill...
Brandon Moss, a good outfielder...
Craig Hansen, Reliever that has a mid 90's fastball that couldn't get his stuff together in Boston.

Boston Gets...
Jason Bay. NL Rookie of the Year in 04. Has hit 22 homers this year. At least he is signed through next year. Looks like a righthanded JD Drew with a little more power.

Really think this is addition by subtraction. AL teams across the land are dancing knowing the modern day Marris and Mantle just got split up.

Thanks for the two world series Manny, I'll miss yah.

Now I have to explain to my Daughter why one of her favorite players isn't a Red Sox any more. :(


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Anonymous said...

If you explain to her the word 'dink" she'll get it on her own, she's a smart girl.

You sure they didn't get Jose Offerman in the deal?