Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mike Richter...Hall of Fame!

In the 90's I was a Hockey NUT. I spent one year up at Orono and after watching numerous games in person, I was hooked. I didn't really have any loyalty to the Boston Bruins, and when the NY Rangers kept drafting UMaine Players, I became a fan. Part of the reason my online nickname is Rangerrob is my being a NY Rangers Fan.

Today the US Hockey Hall of Fame announced the 2008 members. Brett Hull, was pretty freakin good. Brian Leetch was another key member of the NY Rangers when they were a powerhouse. But the name that stands out for me is Mike Richter, Goaltender for the NY Rangers. He is the reason the Rangers won the cup in '94. There was one play in the finals, Pavel Bure's penalty shot that you could just tell...if he scored, the Canucks would take the series, if he didn't the Rangers would win. Needless to say Richter stopped the shot, and the only time I felt like that since then was when Roberts stole second.

Richter is the reason the US won the Hockey world Cup in '96. He was the starting Goalie for the US in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake when they brought home the silver...and no one was beating Canada that year.

Anyway here are a couple more Mike Richter clips...enjoy.

Congrat Mike!

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