Monday, August 4, 2008

Latest Work in the Bullpen

So I have been busy on half a dozen projects...No really, here they are.

Repainting all my Warlocks and my Farseer. They were all painted in different colored robes when I got them. I'm trying to give the army a uniform look.

The Farseer of mine never hit the table in 4th edition because of the instant death from failing a Psychic power roll, so I always took Eldrad whose toughness 4 let him take only 1 wound. 5th Edition lets the farseer get a save and take only 1 wound, so I get to use my generic Farseer again. Photobucket

Troops are a must have in 5th edition 40k, I have a ton of guardians, but not too many Dire Avengers. I stripped some of my very old Guardians that had the "Dire Avenger" spartan helmets, and I'm painting them up as Dire Avengers. One of them is actually a Dire Avengers Exarch, but they all could pass for an Exarch. So If I ever have enough basic Avengers figs, I could field 6 squads...

Also stripped and repositioned my second Wraithlord. Bent the arms out to give him a more agressive pose, and used some greenstuff to give him his second weapon that they could carry with the latest Eldar Codex.

Also made up some Battletech scale buildings, using scrap plastic I had on my workbench. Some are from Flames of War blisters. The "Power Generator" / Tower is the heating element from a dead hair dryer.

Finally, three projects on my other workbench... Just finished up my "Plexiglass" river. Those are the blue pieces on the table. I will be making a "How To..." entry on that explains how to make this simple and effective river terrain. Next is the Powerstation, the grey terrain piece with the smoke stacks, used a CD bundle case, fan from the hair dryer mentioned above, container that holds staples for a copy machine, and the plastic that held the cookies from a girlscout cookie box. The box of wood pieces is my starting some Trenches from a article over at Bell of Lost Souls: Photobucket

Finally, one of the Eldar Dire Avengers that I am painting up does not have a helmet. When I went to get get some flesh paint, way too much came out. So I grabbed five of the Ogryns from my Imperial Guard army. Also seen here are some Epic Eldar Knights and an Old 40K Eldar Ghost Warrior I plan on using as WraithGuard.

More to come...

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