Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest work from the Bullpen

2nd AoBR set is assembled except for the Dreadie.

For the Commander...
Lopped off the banner
Added the Skull and Iron Halo from the Terminator sgt.
added a Power Fist where the power sword was supposed to go.

For the Terminator Sgt.
lopped off the Skull and Iron halo.
added the large banner from the commander.
gave two of the reglar termies Cyclone launchers.

For the Tactical Sgt.
Lopped off the Chainsword and added a Power Fist to the Sgt.
Lopped off the head and added one of the old Beak helmets.

For the Heavy Weapon trooper...
Lopped off the missle launcher
added one of the very old Eldar Plasma Cannons (which looks quite a bit like the new marine plasma cannons.)
Added some bits to the backpack to cover up the missiles.

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