Monday, September 29, 2008

Wooden Crates...

So I saw this article a long time ago on the internet on how to make little wooden crates for terrain. Heck if I can find it again...but it was so simple I figured I would give it a shot.

To do this you will need...

* 1" or 3/4" wooden blocks from your local craft store.
* Wooden coffee stiring sticks
* Wood glue
* Light Oak colored touch up Wood Stain marker.
* Micron black ink pen.
* small Xacto saw (although a good pair of snippers would work too)

Step one - glue the coffee sticks to the wood blocks and trim. You only need to do 5 sides, the 6th side will be the one on the table.

Step two - glue "strapping" wood and trim.
Step three - with ink pen make 2 dots at end of each piece of wood (Nails)

Step four - Stain the whole thing with your marker and your done.

How do they look?

3/4" blocks

1" blocks

Figure these will work for 40K, WWII, Western, Pirate games.

Might put a set of these on EBAY to see what I can get for them.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get Jay to do a guest post on how to build a 28mm outhouse.