Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Legendary Expansions, Encounters and Robinson Crusoe

Couple of things that are on my Radar...

First two upcoming Expansions for Legendary, the Marvel Co-Op deckbuilding game.

The first of which is the Fantastic Four set, 100 Cards...Due out Oct 22nd.  Adds the Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer as Characters, plus Galactus as a Mastermind with none other than a 20 attack!  Kinda makes Apocalypse with is 12 look like a kitten.

2nd is the just announced at GenCon, SpiderMan Expansion.  No Details other than Carnage as a Mastermind and the Spidey in it will be a lot tougher than the one in the original game.  February release date planned.

Next is a New Legendary box that is not Marvel based....Legendary Encounters.  Roughly the same engine but not exactly the same.  Based in the Aliens Universe....Ripley, Apone, Hudson, Hicks, etc. vs the Aliens.  Game Producer has said you can use the Heroes or Colonial Marines in the other Legendary games.  So You want Nick Fury to lead a new squad of "SHIELD Marines" against Kingpin you can...or put Colossus, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm and Cyclops against the Alien Queen (Brood anyone) you can do that too.  Not fully interchangeable, sounds like the only thing that can be swapped about is the Hero decks...still that is pretty neat.

Finally the game that is on my Most wanted list.  I spent quite some time watching the Gen Con live feed from Board Game Geeks looking for other games that might fit well with the family and the gaming group.  Came across this one that came out last year.  Robinson Crusoe, Adventure on the Cursed Island.
Fully co-op, 1-4 players, survival game.  Game is busy with a lot going, cubes, dice, hextiles, deckbuilding (in a bad way).  Has been said it is VERY challenging to win...making LoTR co-op game seem easy.  Also no  cutthroat version if one player dies, the game is over.  No hoarding food for yourself.  6 Scenarios in the box, each with their own theme (Crusoe/Castaway, Swiss Family Robinson, Volcano Island, Cannibal Island, Cursed Island, and the one that I'm forgetting)  Plus two more scenarios online (King Kong, and Explore the Galapagos).  

YouTube review that gives the basics of the game...

That's all for now...

Link to one of the best reviews / setups of Robinson Crusoe on the net.

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