Friday, October 4, 2013

There and Back again, Part #1: Bearded Red Sox...go on a Quest.

Been a few years since I've spoken of the Red Sox...

Last time I felt truly inspired and posted to the Sons of Sam Horn website was back during the 2007 World Series run (Lord of the Red Sox).

Now the team has once again taken up a quest...

To return to where they rightfully belong...

And with the Beards this team is showing...The symmetry was too much for me to stay away.

Time for the Sox to go "There and Back again..." (to win it all!)


Hit the ball and touch home plate!
  Catch their flies, and deny their base!
That's what Old Joe Maddon hates--
  Win three and End their playoff race!
Watch the count and swing a good bat!
  Bunt the runner over one base more!
Corners of plate and their batters get sat!
  Extra base hits and run up the score!
Kick that team back to Tampa Bay;
  Pound them good and leave your mark;
Make them sad and call them "Devil Rays"
  Remind them that this is Fenway Park!
That's what Old Joe Maddon Hates!
  So, carefully! carefully touch home plate!

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