Monday, October 7, 2013

There and Back again...Part #2

Well...continuing with the "There and Back again" theme for our Bearded Sox friends....(Part one can be found here)

Scene 2:  Tampa Bay bullpen during warmups.

Moore and Price are giving Cobb some advice on how to approach the Sox at the plate.

Cobb: Well, I could Roast them on the inside. That should finish them!

Moore: Nah, I tried that in Game One

Cobb: I could burn them with the High Heat...

Price:  Nope, Didn't work in game two...

Cobb:  Maybe I'll just nibble away at them...

 Buchholz sticks his head over the wall between bullpens 

Buchholz: Maybe you could just leave them standing at the Statues.


Moore:  ....*turns to stone*
Price:  ...*turns to stone*
Cobb: ...*turns to stone*

Buchholz: And that is how you Win a series boys.

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